The Nigerian entertainment industry is filled with various “Proud” and Arrogant individuals and this has terribly affected the growth of the industry.Many of our Artistes fall under this category such that when you see their actions in parties or concerts one will think being Proud and Arrogant is one of the criterias to become a celebrity.

However, thetraffickedblog has taken out time to do a complete survey on all celebrities in the industry.

This list is influenced by their attiudes over the years and their most recent controversies.

Let’s go….

1. Burna Boy

Nigeria's top 5 rude/arrogant musicians

Oluwa Burna is one of the Artistes that has pride in the Music Industry. He has been labeled a rude & aggressive Musician and his anger has affected his career in the past years.

Sadly, the Grammy award nominee exhibited his anger at a show in Zambia when he kicked a fan on the head while performing.Few years back, he was declared wanted by the Police after he sent some Thugs to beat Mr. 2kay in the Hotel room after performing at a show in Eko Hotel in 2018.


Just as how a footballer who is prone to injury won’t grow, too many Controversies held down Burna Boy’s career in the music industry for so long.In addition, he was the only Artiste last year that set a regular ticket at 15k when others sold at a lower price.

2. Simi

Nigeria's top 5 rude/arrogant musicians

Indeed, Simi is an exceptional Singer in our century, but she recently took to Instagram live to ‘jamtalk’, insisting that Yahoo Boys shouldn’t buy her album or pay for online music store as if nah she holy pass.

She said;

“I don’t care, my music will go globally.”As much as she spoke the truth, Nigerians are already blasting her on Social media because many are on the table she was shaking.

3. Wizkid

Nigeria's top 5 rude/arrogant musicians

Many has tagged Starboy Wizkid as a very proud person as you can never find him on Instagram anyhow or engaging on any post unlike Davido who is friendly on social media.Currently, Wizkid is the most difficult person to feature on a song.

Even if you are lucky to get him on a Song, be rest assured he won’t show up for the Video shoot. A whole lot of Industry champions have complained about this but not anymore as many already took him for who he is.Olamide was forced to shoot the Video for his song “Kana” without Wizkid and many other issues like this has occured.

4 Kizz Daniel

Nigeria's top 5 rude/arrogant musicians

Kizz Daniel is unarguably one of the best Musician in Nigeria at the moment but as the saying goes “pride goes before the fall of any man”. If care is not taken kizz Daniel might be a victim of that quote.

He proved his pride in a featured track titled ‘Selense‘ by Harrysong. He even attacked Harrysong on his verse saying:-

For this industry nah me be greatest, Harrysong dey try but himself knows say Baba nah maddest”.Harrysong however fired back at him on his own verse (verse three) saying:-

Little piece of advice for Boy Kizz, respect my experience don’t be childish”.

Well little did you know that demmie vee paid kizz Daniel a whooping sum of N15 million just to assist his career and popularity.

5. Lyta

Nigeria's top 5 rude/arrogant musicians

Who also noticed that the youngest YBNL act has pride in his trait?Well, before you start saying Lyta should not be on the list, I want to remind you of what happened at Lyta School Tour late last year.

The YBNL singer snubbed Idowest live on stage when he tried to shake him. You dare snub someone who came to support you?Lyta is a young act who has got a very bright future if he stays humble else, he might live to regret what his being proud will do to his career.


However, if you feel our list is inappropriate or incomplete you can as well drop your ideas on the comment section

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