Uefa president, “Aleksander Ceferin” confirmed that discussion is ongoing on when European leagues will return.All European professional leagues are currently on suspension with no definite date of resumption due to the ongoing battle of Covid 19 pandemic.

Aleksander ceferin releases resumption date for European leagues

However, Aleksander has explained the three time frames at which the leagues could restart but fears it could be “lost” if they fail to resume by the end of June despite the report claiming premier league would resume by July.

It remains a topic if the current season woould be completed while the question remains if the games would be played behind closed doors to avoid mass gatherings.

He said;

At the moment, no one knows when the pandemic will end, he told a press conference covered by Diario AS.“We are working on a Plan A, B and C, which could see a return in mid-May, in June or at the end of June.“However, if we are unable to do it by any of these dates, the season will probably not end.””There is also the possibility of ending this season at the start of the next, which would then be postponed, starting a little later.”We’re in touch with the leagues, the clubs, there is a working group and we’ll see what solution is best for all. We have to wait, like any other sector.

It is most likely that if football starts anytime soon then there will likely be a low attendance.Ceferin also suggested that there would be a possibility that matches would be played under closed doors if it comes to that. He went further to say;

It’s hard for me to imagine all the matches behind closed doors, but we still don’t know whether we’ll resume, with or without spectators,” he added.“If there was no alternative, it would be better to finish the championships anyway.“But I can say that I don’t think about the finals of the European club competitions behind closed doors.”

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