Manchester city manager, pep guardiola claims that he will be regarded as a failure if he doesn’t win the champions league during his coaching time.

Pep guardiola is one manager that won’t be forgotten in Etihad stadium as he will be remembered as a manager who brought a thrilling and shocking success to the club.Guardiola has won major trophies since his appointment as Manchester city coach in 2016 winning two consecutive premier league titles but haven’t been able to turn such dominance to europe.

Even with all home trophies he believes that he will be regarded as a failure if he fails to bring the champions league trophy home. Man city is yet to progress beyond the quarter-finals of Europe elite competition under his term having been knocked out by Monaco, Liverpool and Tottenham in the last three seasons.

City is to face Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the champions league with the first leg at Santiago Bernabeu in just over three weeks time.

We will, of course, not just be judged on the way we play but the titles we win. That is the truth. It is as simple as that,” he said ahead of Sunday’s game with Tottenham’Last year was an extraordinary one for us but people say, ‘But you didn’t win the Champions League’.”That is why I will be judged, if we don’t win it in my final period here, that I will be a failure here. I know that.”But I enjoy working with my players and my players still win a lot of games. Winning a certain way is what helps you to win the titles and we believe we can play that way. We will see at the end.”

Guardiola has repeatedly refused to compromise his basic style of play even though it has cost him his big games against top opposition.

And he seems to continue in that path even though he feels failing to win the europes top prize would constitute failure.


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