The jackboy summed up his feelings for ex girlfriend “Kylie Jenner” underwear picture on Instagram with a one word devastating response.
Travis Scott responds to Kylie Jenner ‘thirst trap‘ underwear snap

The pair seemed to have had an amicable break up as they both take parts in the parenting of their daughter

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner take part in the parenting of stormi even after break up

In just one word, Travis Scott reveals the break up wasn’t that amicable after all. The 22 year old billionaire had looked to end the decade with a reminder of her shapely figure with a sultry Instagram post.
She shared a couple of pictures of her in underwear which would have been taken by her assistant and close friend ‘Victoria Villarroel’

Kylie Jenner in lingerie for a sultry snap

She captioned it; “Just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap.”

Few minutes after the post, Travis seemed to have posted on his insta story which is believed to be a response to the picture.
On a dark screen, the rapper wrote in white “Lol“. By most fans this seems to be a stingy come back to Kylie jenner’s attempt to look seductive.

Thirst trap of 2019

Kylie had earlier copped some shades from fans, many trolling her for making the future hard for stormi
One said:

How is stormi gonna feel when she gets older & her body isn’t shaped like this”.

While another wrote: “Ok but like ur a mom”.

From the response from Travis Scott and the troll from fans, it could be that 2020 would be a difficult year for their break up.

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