Many consider Kendrick Lamar as one of the greatest MC’s that has surfaced the earth, among those who concur to this belief is the west coast rap legend “The Game”. The rapper sat down with Talib Kweli to talk about his new and final album, “Born to rap“.

While discussing they talked on various issues bothering the rap community, they spoke on the issues of rap beef among rappers and “The game” had few things to add, he said
I thought hip-hop beefs were more in sync with what occurred on the streets. However, I was shocked to know most feuds were only lyrical.

This conversation led to the 4th song on his album “the light” where he proposed a lyric battle with rappers such as Kendrick lama,j Cole and a few other names. The rap legend claimed that Kendrick Lamar and j Cole were two of the best rappers currently and that having a joint album with them would be dope.

The game kept on with the praises he showered on Kendrick Lamar, he went further to say

Don’t challenge that kid, I did but don’t try this at home, I know Kendrick and Cole would hear their name and be like “big brother” but then those two are not to be challenged”
“I used to feel the same way about Eminem in my early years but Kendrick in my mind, Kendrick has taken over”

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Eminem is currently engaged in a beef with a high profile actor “Nick cannon“, so far the actor has fired two shots on the rapper but yet to receive a reply. Rumor has it that Eminem is cooking up two spicy dis tracks and it’s proposed to release at the ending of the month.

Now the big question is, if it was Kendrick Lamar, would he reply Nick cannon or just let the noise slide?

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