Pop star, Davido has placed a Stern warning on a false viral video of him advertising an upcoming event hosted by the Commonwealth of Zion assembly.
This viral video posted by the senior pastor, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo had Davido with a young girl advertising the program.

However, the music star has come out in public to deny knowledge of the video, he took to his Twitter page
I’m writing to quickly disclaim the viral videos going around of me advertising COZA event to come up when I have to say I have NOTHING to do with the church!!! The fact that I did a quick video for a kid introduced as a fan just for her personal use and it was chopped up and used for an advert extremely disappoints me!!! I have never and most certainly not associated in any way with COZA church and have reached out to those responsible for this madness immediately!! I will most certainly be proceeding further if you do not react that video immediately!!! A word is enough!!!” he wrote.

This reaction was made few hours the doctored video was made and posted by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. The advertisement was made in publicity of their forthcoming program “Twelve days of glory”
Moments after the severe warning from the singer, the pastor took down the post immediately from Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, the mother of the child Davido made the video with says the video was in no way an official advert for the program.

“I would like to make some clarifications on the video I recorded with @davidoofficial for my church, the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). The video was in no way intended to be an official ad from the church. It was simply my way of raising awareness for a program I am passionate about. I have read reports online claiming that Davido is coming to the program as an ambassador of COZA because of the video, these reports are false.

He recorded that video with me and my daughter as a favour to a friend, nothing more. Also, my pastor, Pastor Biodun only reposted the video from my page because he has been reposting videos about the program. My video wasn’t the only one on his page. The video was a product of my excitement about 12DG and there was no malice intended. I apologize for the confusion and misrepresentation, and once again I’d like to say I acted as an individual and not as an official representative of COZA. Thank you,” she wrote.

Officials of COZA are yet to release any statement regarding to this

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