Culture III album which is soon to drop might feature a song “whats brackin“. This song has the recently deceased rapper ” juice wrld” spitting his lyrics.

The 21 year old lucid dreamer died at the Chicago airport on the 8th of December after suffering seizures due to high intake of “precocet“, this sudden death took the world by surprise. The star and many other rappers paid tribute to the rapper, he said thus;
R.I.P. to my brother Juice, man. It’s sad to lose another talented artist. That st fked up. God bless him and his family. Nothing but respect,” he said. “He was one of the young ngas that really could flow, though. He could really rap, freestyle, and go crazy. His work ethic was crazy.”

Migos which comprises of take off, offset and the huncho “quavo” is yet to mention the release date of the album but is expected to drop sometime in 2020, this album is most likely to feature the song “what’s brackin“, offset added

I’m probably gonna put that st on Culture III. He’s going apes**t on that thing,”

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