Wayne Carter disagrees with BBC choice of most influential artist of the new millennium in terms of hip hop.

This article was released on the month of October and was tagged “why young thug is the most influential artist of the 21st century”, on noticing this a month after it caused indeed a spur that made “lil Wayne” react

If you are among the hip hop community you would know everyone has his/her top 5 therefore no anybody can randomly praise anyone as this would cause a controversy
However, young thug had few things to say on those who disregarded the position given to him

In addition, Thugger credits Lil Wayne for his influence, style and talent in the hip hop industry, he is also regarded as the G.O.A.T by fans and rappers such as Kanye west, Kendrick. Rappers such as Tripple Redd, Lil dicky, Migos look up to him
In the article written by BBC, they said
“Even someone as revolutionary as Thugger couldn’t have existed without his acknowledged idol, Lil Wayne, whose slurred codeine hexes splintered rap’s possibilities in a thousand directions.” Thugger even had plans to name his album Tha Carter VI back in 2014 to show his respect for his idol.
It isn’t certain that the tweet made by Lil Wayne was directed to thug, he said;

Since the clash in 2015 the relationship between the two musicians have been soar, we hope for a better future.

Fans all around are still in contest over the publication made by BBC. Most comments were made on the fact that Young thug style was influenced by Lil wayne, a fan said “listen to @2chainz song dedication, not just new rappers but older rappers“.

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